April Newsletter

Hello and welcome to a new term at Highwood Nursery. Easter has left us with many happy memories of children making nest cakes and participating in egg hunts. However, now it is time to focus on the Summer Term, which will be packed with stimulating activities to keep your little one busy and interested.

We have already had a visit from Brockenhurst College’s Therapy Dog, Lola, which the children very much enjoyed. Lola is a Golden Retriever who is certified as safe to work with children and young people to promote calmness and wellbeing.

Some children also made the short walk to the College’s Sports Centre recently, where they enjoyed participating in a special obstacle course that had been set up just for them.

Please be reminded that if you need to contact the Nursery, you can message your child’s room directly through the Famly app.

Sarah Bower
Nursery Manager

Starting school in September?

Please let the staff in Owls room know once your child has been allocated a school place. We hope you get the place you wanted. If you wish to discuss your place, then please feel free to contact us. If your child is due to start school in September, they will currently be booked to attend Nursery up until Friday 1 September. If your child will be leaving before this date, we will require the usual one month’s notice. We ask that this is sent via Famly to ensure we have a record. Please note that due to the EYE Funding period ending on 31st August, full fees will apply for any sessions children attend subsequently.

Spring sunshine

Spring usually brings us a mixture of weather, so please ensure you provide your child with appropriate clothing and footwear. It is likely they may still need some warmer clothes and a coat on some days. As the weather begins to improve, please send in a new, unopened bottle of sun cream and a hat, both clearly labelled with your child’s name. Please also bear in mind that sun cream DOES go out-of-date, so always check the ‘use by’ date.

No mobile phones

Please be reminded that we operate a strict ‘no mobile phone’ policy at Highwood Nursery. We appreciate you may need to answer or make a call. But for safeguarding reasons, please do this outside of our premises.

Early/late drop-offs and pick-ups

Please be reminded that children should not be dropped-off early or picked-up late. This could lead to non-compliance with our legally-binding staff ratio obligations, which is a serious Ofsted issue. If you require an earlier start or finish time, please tell us well in advance.  We understand that there may be situations that arise suddenly, delaying you by five or ten minutes. In such circumstances, please let us know as soon as possible by messaging us on Famly. This will give us sufficient time to ensure the correct staff ratios are maintained.

Recipe of the Month

April’s Recipe of the Month is Chilli Con Carne. Just click the link below to open the document.



Activities group-by-group 


Owls children have been talking about spring and enjoyed a spring-themed Tuff Tray.


Squirrels children have been planting courgettes, tomatoes and peppers.


Bunnies children have enjoyed sunny days in the garden, as well as other outdoor activities such as shopping, building sand castles, exploring the metal treasure basket and water painting.