Standard rates:

  • 0 – 2 years £6.60 per hour
  • 2 – 3 years £6.55 per hour
  • 3 years plus £6.50 per hour

We offer a 10% discount for the oldest child, where there are two or more children attending from the same family until either child starts claiming statutory Early Years Education funding.

College staff and self-paying students:

  • 0 – 2 years: £6.50 per hour
  • 2 years – 3 years: £6.45 per hour
  • 3 years plus: £6.40 per hour


Due to the high demand for places, we now operate a strict minimum requirement of a 4-hour session in the morning and afternoon for all sections of the Nursery. Please see our Baby Unit and Nursery Sessions Policy and Early Years Education and Funding Policy, as well as our Nursery Hours Guidance. These documents can be found in our brochure. If you require more specific information, please contact us.

Childcare vouchers

We participate in a variety of childcare voucher schemes. Please speak to the Nursery Manager about paying nursery fees using a voucher scheme.

Sickness and absence

Due to strict staffing ratios, full fees will apply if your child is sent home due to sickness or is absent for any reason, even with prior notification. Individual circumstances may be reviewed at the manager’s discretion in the event of long-term sickness and/or hospitalisation if in excess of 4 weeks.


No charge will be made for Bank Holidays or any scheduled Nursery closure. Children with Early Years Education (EYE) funding over 38 weeks will not usually attend nursery during school holidays. You can book paid sessions during school holidays, providing you give two weeks of notice. Please note that parents of children attending for the full 50 weeks a year, or on EYE stretched funding, will have full fees applied if their child is taken out of the setting for any reason, such as a family holiday.

Highwood Bunny Opening a Toy Egg

Nursery and pre-school settling sessions

We will provide up to three settling sessions, giving you and your child a chance to get to know staff. These sessions will help your child settle into a routine. Nursery staff will discuss settling sessions with you when you book your child’s place.

Early Years Education funding

We offer the Universal Early Years Education Funding for all 3-year-olds from the term after their third birthday, plus extended 30-hour funding for parents/carers who are eligible, as well as specific two-year funding for children who meet the criteria. Any additional hours or meals over and above the free entitlement will be charged at the normal rate. For further information please speak to the Nursery Manager.