It’s Science Week at Highwood Nursery

The children have been conducting experiments with colour for British Science Week. They have looked at how colours are made and created orange, green, purple, pink and brown by mixing certain colours together. Some of the children were very knowledgeable and knew exactly which colours to use.

Next, the children created an amazing circle of colour using skittles and warm water.
The children helped to count out the relevant coloured skittles and placed them onto the plate in a circle. They carefully poured warm water around the outside and waited for the magic to happen, as you can see the colour runs out of the skittles and makes an amazing pattern.

What are the benefits of a science activity?
Science education activities provide children with opportunities to develop and practice many different skills and attributes. These include communication skills, collaborative skills, team working and perseverance, as well as analytical, reasoning and problem-solving skills