• About us - Settling in

    Happy children at play

    Highwood aims to make settling in as stress free as possible.

    We encourage you and your child to visit two or three times prior to starting. These sessions need to be pre-booked with the Childcare Manager or her Deputies. There is no charge for these sessions. On the first visit we suggest you stay with your child for one to two hours depending on the child's age and previous nursery experience. This gives you a chance to spend time with your child's Key Carer to discuss issues such as weaning, sleep patterns and dietary requirements.

    On a second visit we suggest you stay with your child until they are happy for you to leave. We may suggest that you leave the Nursery and go off into Brockenhurst for an hour or so. Always say "goodbye." Never sneak away without saying "goodbye."

    If after these two visits your child is still not settled, then we will suggest another settling in session. This will depend on the child. Some settle very quickly and others take longer. The idea of these sessions is to ensure that your child does not feel like he or she has been abandoned. That may sound a little extreme but to a small child that could be just how they might feel if you were to just come in and leave them in completely strange surroundings with people they have never met.

    We feel that settling your child in is time well spent.

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