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    Highwood provides a variety of freshly prepared food to encourage and promote a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet.

    We recognise the important role diet takes in supporting the development of a child's physical and intellectual well being. A variety of food is served at regular intervals throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch and tea, mid morning and afternoon snacks.

    Children's individual dietary requirements are ascertained from the child's parent/carer on registration and updated through regular communication with the child's key carer and on updated registration forms. Dietary requirements are communicated to the nursery cook on a daily basis to ensure the correct meals are catered for. A list of the children's dietary requirements is kept in each area of the nursery to ensure staff can check that snack and any meals are appropriate for the child's individual needs. Parents are informed both verbally and through a menu board as to the meals and snacks that have been provided on that day and the amount of food that has been eaten by each individual child.

    Staff are encouraged to sit and eat with the children at meal times, role modelling and promoting good practice. A monthly menu plan is devised to ensure variety and cultural variation. The menu is planned to take into account the four main food groups, ensuring children attending on the same day each week have variety over a four week period and those in every day have variety over the week. Snacks compliment the meal menu and staff ensure children are offered at least five portions of fruit and vegetables throughout the whole day. Milk or fresh drinking water is available throughout the day.

    Staff will ensure that during hot weather regular drinks are encouraged and all children are monitored to ensure they are drinking adequately and hydration maintained. All food is prepared daily on site by the nursery cook or staff with a relevant food hygiene certificate if the cook is on leave. The nursery kitchen conforms to Environmental Health Procedures and is inspected by the EHO to ensure it complies with relevant legislation.

    Parents are encouraged to provide a healthy diet if providing packed lunch. This must be in a suitable named container, stored safely (with a cool pack) and refrigerated if necessary. It is requested that parents do not use peanut or nut products in lunch boxes due to some allergy sufferers within the setting and sweets and chocolates are kept for at home only.

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