• About us - Aims & Values

    Superhero Children

    We pride ourselves on a firm set of core values and aims at Highwood.

    We aim to:

    Provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for parents and children in an honest and open environment.

    Encourage the children to work in groups, independently and to co-operate with one another, sharing ideas and feelings and listening to each other.

    Provide opportunities for the children to become valued members of the nursery promoting a strong self-image and self-esteem.

    Give children the confidence to communicate in a widening range of situations and to learn to make their own decisions.

    Promote enthusiasm for learning in all areas of development.

    Provide the space and equipment needed to encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills.

    Form a partnership with parents, keeping them fully informed of their childrens' progress, through regular communication and learning journeys.

    Promote a healthy and safe environment and to encourage and promote good practice in childcare through being positive role models.

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